Pandeyuca Bread

The pandeyucas, is a typical Colombian bread based on cassava flour. Its knowledge is unmistakable because these are immediately recognized by their texture, which must be crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.


Pandebono Bread

The pandebonos. This is another typical bread in Colombia, in the Valle del Cauca area. It is a very appreciated bread for being softer. Made with cassava starch, corn starch, fresh cheese and salty cheese.


Almojabana Bread

The almojabanas is another typical bread in Colombia, especially in the Cundiboyacense area. Almojábanas are made with corn flour, cassava, fresh cheese and salty cheese.


Buñuelo (Doughnuts)

The Buñuelo Colombian fritters (donut). It is a cheese bread fried in oil. It is very popular all year round. The Colombian bunuelos In Christmas time all Colombian homes enjoy them with Natilla. Made with corn starch, coastal cheese and fresh cheese.


Frozen Dough

Pandebono Dough  picture-006
Almojabana Dough  picture-009


Pandebono pandebono
Almojabana almojabana
Bunuelo bunuelos