About Us


Attract gluten free world with the smell of gluten free Colombian cheese bread.


Having healthy and happy customers letting them know that health comes first.

My Story

After several years of living in California, I began to suffer from health problems, such as acne and severe headaches. My doctor prescribed medicine which had side effects that could cause cancer. At that time, my husband and I made the decision to look for natural alternatives and change our eating habits. I began to stop eating certain foods, such as white bread, but of course, it is very difficult to stop eating these kinds of foods because there are many temptations, like pastries, pizza, and pasta. However, it was around that time when the gluten-free food trend began. I started to educate myself about gluten and realized that there are a few foods that do not have that protein that damages the body. These foods are rice, yucca, potato, quinoa, and corn. Having learned that, I started looking around the supermarkets for gluten-free replacements and to my surprise, I could not find any decent bread replacements.

Everyday I talk with the Lord to give him thanks for a new, beautiful day and before starting The Choclo, I would ask Him for new opportunities to challenge myself. Day to day, year to year, after all my asking, He heard me. I realized that my business– the dream I had for so long–was right in front of me.

My “ah-ha!’ moment came one day while I was watching one of those investment shows on television. I saw a lady pitching her product and when she finished, I realized that the business venture I was looking for was right in front of me. I thought to myself, “not only do I have one product, but I have four delicious cheese bread products to share and those are gluten free!” Even though I do not truly enjoy cooking, my love for business was enough to push me to pursue this new challenge. This is my opportunity to start my The Choclo gluten free business.

From that moment on I did not stop. Throughout the beginning stages of The Choclo, I researched how to develop my own formulas, and spent hours upon hours researching raw materials and, of course, running a business. I had my doubts, but I always had my faith to achieve peace of mind and keep grinding, as well as a marvelous husband who is always there to support me and all my crazy ideas.

The Choclo Colombian cheese bread is my dream. When you bite into one of my cheese breads, I hope you are immediately impressed with our Colombian cheese bread’s savory flavor. I hope that you welcome The Choclo products into your home, onto your table, and into your belly!